Explaining God’s Grace to Children

How to explain God's grace to childrenGrace is a word much like love. It is difficult to define and describe for many. When I went to to look up the word I was sort of satisfied with some of the answers. One definition is “favor or goodwill,” and another “a manifestation of favor.” The last definition is “mercy; clemency; pardon. All of those definitions kind of encompass what grace is, but there really is no real definition for God’s grace. Grace is getting the good even though we do not deserve it, and that is hard to grasp logically. I might not be able to explain it or fully understand it, but I know God’s grace is real. How though, could I explain it to my children?

When you are trying to teach your children something like this and help them, then I think you should start out by praying first. The Bible tells us to do everything in prayer (Philippians 4:6). I prayed about how God would want me to take on this subject with my children in a way that would help them to see what God’s grace really means for them and for me. After praying I felt that there were two ways that God would have me go about it. One way would be using the Bible and the other would be to show them grace.

In the Bible there are quite a few examples of God’s grace. The most real example would have to be God allowing His Son Jesus Christ to come onto the earth as a man and die for you and for me. Jesus’ death took place of our very own death, and His resurrection assures us of God’s mercy, love, justice, and His grace. Other examples in the Bible include God sending the message to Moses to tap the rock for water, the manna from Heaven, and more.

On top of teaching and sharing God’s word in the Bible with children about grace, I wanted to be sure that I was showing my children the best way I could of what grace is. Now, I am certainly not saying that discipline should be overlooked, but there are times when though they might deserve the consequences, extending grace might be just what they really need. Times like that are when you can explain that is exactly what Jesus did for us on the cross. Jesus paid for all of the bad in our lives so that we can have a great reward.

How do you teach grace to your children?

Author Paisley Downing is a mother, youth pastor, and home security operator living in sunny Florida. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

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