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Summer Home Schooling? Yes and No

“To homeschool in summer or not to homeschool in summer – that is the question.” That awkward takeoff of a famous line from Hamlet nonetheless highlights a major question that homeschoolers face at the beginning of summer every year. It is especially on the minds of beginners who have never homeschooled before. They can talk to friends if they are blessed by a circle of home school helpers but this article contains additional resources to give you the points of view and experiences of others that just might help you find your own way.

Elena LaVictoire of My Domestic Church is an advocate of continuing some form of schooling into the summer and backs up her opinions with solid reasons why we should never stop learning no matter what time of year it is. Hey, but it sounds like fun to me!

20 Reasons to Keep Homeschooling Through the Summer

Elena LaVictoirewww.mydomesticchurch.com5/25/12

Good habits built up in the school year can easily go kaput during the lazy hazy days of summer! Why should we lose all that hard-earned ground!? Year round homeschooling helps to turn those good habits into a way of life.


Gena Mayo of I Choose Joy! makes it sound like school is almost over for the summer but her list of activities and links sounds like continuing education to me. See what you think of her plans

Our 2012 summer homeschooling plans. | I Choose Joy!

Gena Mayoichoosejoy.org5/24/12

The kids will be finished with our homeschooling year as soon as the baby is born–will be sometime today through 19 days from now! We’re already finished with science, history, and Bible Study Fellowship. With most other


Heidi Raki of Raki’s Rad Resources brings you her bucket list of 60 activities that sound like great opportunities to continue learning in the summer and, remembering my own school days, makes me wish I were a kid again!

Raki’s Rad Resources: Summer Homeschooling

Heidi Rakiwww.rakisradresources.com5/20/12

Summer Homeschooling. In addition to teaching, I also “homeschool” by two older sons in Summer Experience Scavenger Hunt English. They both go to school all day in Arabic and French, but I don’t want them to lose their academic English


 The Homeschool Classroom offers some great links and resources in Math, Science, Reading and, get this: just “For the Fun of It.”  These resources should give you plenty of ideas for summer activities, as well as for the next school year!

Great Homeschooling Links: Summer Learnin’

Homeschool Classroomwww.hsclassroom.net5/27/12

Cheryl shares a great collection of links for summer learning.


This article from A Nation of Moms invites you to “hit the road” this summer. If you do, these suggestions for your trips will provide plenty of fun-filled learning for your kids. They may not even realize they’re learning!

Homeschooling: On the Road and In the Summer? – A Nation of Moms

Nation Of Momsanationofmoms.com5/14/12

Our family is planning a vacation to Wyoming and South Dakota this summer. So, why am I talking about homeschooling? Because we are doing unit studies and reading books about those two states and different places,


Kris of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers sticks up for those–both students and teachers–who need a break from the routine, at least for part of the suuumer. As she writes, “…this isn’t really a defense of summer break. I mean, hey, do what works for you and your family. I live in the South, so I totally get the “it’s 110 degrees, so we might as well be inside in air-conditioned comfort doing school” mindset.


Dawn Braddock of  A Mom’s Everyday Life gives some perspective to the question “To or Not To” and expresses what many homeschoolers feel: that it’s not really a question of “Yes or No” by says, “If you are gearing up for end of the year – have fun! If you are schooling year round, clink the lemonade glass with us!”

Homeschooling: End of a school year – Well, yes and no…

Dawn Braddockamomseverydaylifehomeschooling.blogspot.com5/28/12

As homeschooler’s summer vacation is not exactly the same as it was for my husband and I when we were kids going to a traditional brick and mortar school. We don’t have the testing now for our 9 year-old son that we had to


This Happy Housewife article advocates a break from the routine but the continuing learning provided by activities that are in fitting with the outdoor season. No, it’s not school as usual but as the article says, ” …we’ll have fun with learning activities that aren’t called ‘school’ but we won’t tell them they are learning.”

When to Stop School for the Summer


The wonderful thing about home based learning is that you can build to suit…because there is no hard and fast rule for when school is done, there is no deadline to shut down the building for the summer, and families can

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