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5 Top Christian Universities in the United States

Bench at Pepperdine University

There are many reasons why students choose to attend a Christian university instead of a public school. A religious approach to teaching, a like-minded community and a wholesome environment are just a few of the reasons that young people may want to consider a Christian university. Although there are fewer religious schools than secular ones in the United States, there are still a large number of highly ranked Christian universities. Here are the top five in the country.

1. Wheaton College

This institute of higher learning is more than just a top ranked college. Wheaton College is affiliated with the Evangelical Christian community in the United States and offers a range of liberal arts degrees to students from around the world. Wheaton College is located just outside of Chicago, Illinois, providing students with ample opportunities to enjoy off campus activities, Christian fellowship and inner-city ministry work. The most popular bachelor’s degrees earned at Wheaton College are in business, theology and music. Students are typically strongly involved with their church and religious affiliations are diverse.

2. Pepperdine University

This National Tier 1 college campus is located in the beautiful location of Malibu, California. Although it is surrounded by palm trees and stunning sandy shorelines, the academic program at Pepperdine University is very strong. Students tend to focus on professional career paths with undergraduate majors in business, law, science, medicine and engineering. Pepperdine has a religious affiliation with the Churches of Christ, and most students attend church regularly and participate in on-campus religious activities.

3. George Fox University

This private university is located in Newburg, Oregon, and was founded as a Quaker institute of higher learning. While today George Fox University has a nondenominational Christian philosophy, a small number of the students are practicing Quakers. Named at a top national university by publications like Forbes and the Princeton Review, George Fox University is home to nearly three thousand students.

4. Baylor University

This Texan university is one of the highest ranked national colleges in the nation. Although it is home to more than 15,000 students, the campus still retains a friendly atmosphere and strong Christian roots. Apart from the religious affiliations, Baylor University is well known for having a strong academic program. Although liberal arts courses like theology and music are popular, the sciences are also well represented thanks to impressive teaching staff in the subjects of science and engineering.

5. Westmont College

In the most recent edition of Forbes’ annual college review, Westmont College was given an impressive score of number 89 among all of the colleges in the United States. Located in Santa Barbara California, Westmont College attracts students from across the country who want to have a strong Christian experience along with a solid academic degree.

Whether you want to attend a small school with a close-knit community and strong religious affiliations or a large school with an incredible academic reputation, one of these top Christian universities in the United States might be the right choice for you. Each offers a variety of degree programs, high academic rankings and a religious environment.

Christine Pembroke writes for higher education blogs nationwide. She recommends www.christiandegreeprograms.org as a great resource for students interested in finding the best christian colleges online.

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