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Soooo Stressed!!!

Last week, my prayer center celebrated our 18th anniversary.  One of the events was testimony time and little Justin who is 10 went up to give a testimony.  Till today it is still playing in my mind.

He said that before he came to the center for our Sunday Family Ministry sessions with his mum and two sisters, he was so stressed from going to school and having to spend so much time on his homework every day.  He said that after coming to the center, praying the prayers given to him and listening to the teachings, he was no longer stressed and could handle his homework.  In fact, he started excelling in his studies.

I never realized that a child could become stressed.  I thought that some kids just found difficulty studying or doing their homework.  But stressed?  Adults got stressed!  And the most amazing thing was that he realized that when he prayed the Psalm 91, the “Binding and Loosing” prayer and confessed the “Who I Am In Christ” and the “45 Cans of Success”, it had a effect on his life and the problems he was facing.

When he took the Word of God and confessed it over his life, he recognized its power and God’s workings.

He was so honest when he spoke.  It was a short testimony yet had such an impact on me.  His grandma is a fellow intercessor at our place and she was just beaming for joy at how the Lord had answered her prayers for her grandchildren.  Little Justin’s younger sister went forward to the mike and prayed the grace before meal.  It wasn’t the usual “bless us O Lord… from Your bounty.” (I don’t know the full thing).  She quoted scripture and prayed with confidence.

Remembering this brings tears to my eyes – tears of complete amazement at how the Lord touches kids.

These kids are not learning about religion; they are not being “indoctrinated” They are being taught how to have a relationship with Jesus, their Lord and Savior.  They are experiencing the beauty of that relationship and how to turn to Him for every situation in the little lives.

I have no children of my own, only spiritual children.  These children have a very special place in my heart.  It’s the Lord who puts them in my heart.  To these children, I have at one point or another said “Make me proud” and when I said it I meant that it would make me very proud when they loved the Lord with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their strength and with all their mind.

Luke 10:27(NLT) “… love the Lord Your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind…”

Be and Become

Be an Abraham
And leave kin behind
Prove your faithfulness to God
And son, make me proud

Be a Joshua
And lead people into God’s kingdom
Show families how to serve the Lord
And son, make me proud

Be a Samuel
And listen to the voice of God
Speak boldly to kings and nobles
And son, make me proud

Be a David
And go after God’s heart
Kill the Goliaths in people’s lives
And son, make me proud

Be an Ezra
And lead the rebellious back to God
Show love and forgiveness
And son, make me proud

Be an Esther
And know you were born for this time
Risk your life to obey your Master
And daughter, make me proud

Be a Deborah
And speak God’s word to people
Give hope to the broken
And daughter, make me proud

Be a Daniel
And prove your fidelity to God
Counsel the elect out of deception
And son, make me proud

Be a Habakkuk
And restore people’s faith
Reveal the secret of dialoging with God
And son, make me proud

Be a Mary
And sit at the feet of Jesus
Share your testimony to others
And daughter, make me proud

Be a Paul
And bring the Good News to unbelieversHeal the sick, cast out demons
And son, make me proud

Be who God created you to be – and child, make me proud

My prayer for all mums and dads is that you will recognize who the Lord has sent to help your kid and where to go to get that help which actually came from Him and not man.

I am truly blessed because God answered the prayers of my Amma and Acha.  When I have finished my race here, I hope that when I meet them in heaven they will say “Mol, you made me proud”

And little Justin “You have made me very proud.”

Ann Mauritia D’cruz


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