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I Gave Up My Boyfriend

Last year when I was in hospital a nun came to visit me. I asked her “What was the most difficult thing for you to give up?” and she answered “My boyfriend because I loved him a lot.” Her answer shocked me. She said she was earning a very good salary as a nurse but found something unfulfilled in her heart. Her response to the Lord’s calling in her life gave her such peace and she has never regretted it.

My goodness, she gave up her boyfriend for the Lord? And she said that he was a wonderful person! I mean if I had a Tom Cruise all packaged as a born-again Christian, can I give him up if the Lord asked me to? That would be pretty tough.

It is very difficult to give up the thing or the person you love the most to serve the Lord. I realized this in my life. The person could have given me the best materially and emotionally but I chose the Lord. The job could have made me very rich but I chose to serve the Lord. Many times I have had to make such painful decisions but later found the benefits of making the right choice.

There were times, before I came to know the Lord, I would give excuses when good intentioned Christians asked me to serve in my church or get involved in anything concerning my faith. I was comfortable being a Sunday pew warmer. Don’t disturb me on other days. God has called ministers, priests, pastors, church or ministry leaders to do His work. I am called to work and go home.

Till my whole world shattered!!!! It took a heart wrenching event in my life to realize that God has a purpose for me and He loves me. The first thing I had to give up was my time. When I was willing to make myself available to the Lord, He took care of the rest.

Every now and then, a heart wrenching incident happens in my life. I call it a “wake up, kick in the butt call”. I know it is God’s way of bringing me closer to Him. Like now.

When Something Happens

When You knock on my door
Lord, help me hear and obediently open
When You tap my hands
I pray – I will raise them up in heartfelt praise

When You whisper in my ears
Lord, help me to respond with my life
When You touch my eyes
I pray – I will open them and see Your beauty

When You call my name
Lord, teach me to recognize Your comforting voice
And when You break my heart
I pray – I will lean on Your bosom for solace

When You take away what I have
Lord, help me to let go in blissful surrender
And when You break my will
Lord, help me to give You my heart and soul

When I fell in love with Jesus my Saviour, this became my deepest desire:

“…To walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve the Lord our God with all our mind and heart and with our entire being (Deuteronomy 10:12 (AMP).

Ann Mauritia DCruz


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