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12 O’Clock – His Time

I had a lot of things on my mind before I went to bed last night when I remembered a verse I read recently – Psalm 127:b (NJB) “… it is he who provides for his beloved as they sleep.” It was a promise that helped me fall asleep.

This morning, the Lord showed me this verse – Psalm 45:12 (AMP) “And, O daughter of Tyre, the richest of people shall entreat your favour with a gift.”

And He said “by 12 o’clock I will answer your prayer.”

I worked from home today.  I had some issues in my new apartment as well and this major issue of someone demanding something from me which I didn’t have enough to give and it was no fault of mine that I was to be penalized. No amount of talking or even pleading would change her heart.

I was so disappointed and cried out to the Lord in prayer.  I said “Lord, I know that when You asked me to give towards Your kingdom’s purposes, I gave whole heartedly and ungrudgingly. Please provide for me.”

His answer was “Vengence is Mine.  You forgive” and He encouraged me with this Psalm.  He said “I will send the ravens to feed you.”  Assuring me of His providence in my time of need.

Yes, I stayed home, working and listening to this Christian radio station.  At 3p.m. I received an unexpected call from a close friend whom I had not spoken to a while.  We spoke a bit and then hung up.

He called again later and that’s when I shared about what was going on.  Without me asking, he said he would help, insisting on it.  He believed that was the reason why he called specifically today.

Later, I checked to see what time was his first call and it was around 12p.m. in his country!  The Lord said 12 o’clock – not in my country but in another country.  I was just in awe at the Lord’s mercy upon my life.

Lord, I thank You
For keeping the waters from drowning me
And the fires from consuming me

Lord, I thank You
For sending Your strength to sustain me
And Your love to keep me from despair

Lord, I thank You
For speaking to my silence
And showing me You are on my side

Lord, I thank You
For revealing to me Your providence
And securing me in Your protection

Lord, I thank You
For showing me what Your peace is
And remaining ever close to me

Lord, I have no words, to express my gratitude to You – just the stillness in my soul and my tears…

Ann Mauritia D’cruz

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